Presentation Design

We are engineered to engage with creativity.
RCCO build solutions, stories and visualisation,
across Slides, Keynote and Powerpoint design.
Translate your content into engaging, clean
slides and templates. Creativity makes selling
easier and grows demand for your solution.

Urgent pitch design

Are you presenting to an important client or at a big event? We provide an urgent turnaround service to transform your slide content into beautiful visualisations and designs. Turn around time as little as 24 hours.

Presentation templates

Scalable templates for Google Slides, Powerpoint or Keynote. Build a consistent visual identity and enable your sales and marketing teams to work faster and better with easy to use templates and brand resources such as custom icons and imagery.

Sales narratives

Create a story that sells. Engage your audience with a narrative that connects the consumer with a solution. We help you to scope out the best content in an RCCO workshop and then design the story from start to finish.


Interactive workshops

Workshop packages that educate and engage the audience. Use interactive exercises such as playing cards and worksheets to help clients better understand your solution. We build packages for scale and reuse across the business.

The RCCO Presentation process:


Chat or workshop to learn about your solution and brainstorm project ideas


Client provides RCCO any required content and slides


RCCO designs visuals, story and presentation concepts


Client suggests any revisions and signs off the final output

Why use RCCO for Presentations?

  • Over 3 years in-house experience building presentations for Google and other brands such as YouTube and King
  • Compliance with any guidelines you might already have, enhancing your corporate style
  • Specialists in designing for sales, so you can focus on the ideas and we can build the rest, giving you efficiency and a better quality outcome
  • A large portfolio of assets, resources and network of specialist people
  • Knowledge and expertise in the technology space, so we understand what you are selling

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