The touchpoint that all consumers see, it
needs to be memorable, relevant and
underpin your vision. We build corporate
identity that can be carried across sales,
marketing and product – with resources
that enable company-wide teams to stay
on brand and save time.


Equip your business with the identity it needs to go to market. Original and creative concepts to refresh or launch a new brand. All branding includes research and brainstorming, with multiple creative concepts including logos, typography and iconography.

Brand Guidelines

The single source that your business can rely on. Across all departments, there is a need for consistent and easy access to the correct fonts, colours, iconography and style. We package the essentials in a guide that can be scaled and used to build all future sales and marketing materials.

Identity Hub

You may already have branding, but want to enhance your style with better visuals and complementary assets. We build custom illustrations, iconography, photography and more, hosted in one space for all departments to access. Creating efficiency for employees and consistency for the business.

The RCCO Identity process:


Call or workshop to learn about your solution and brainstorm project ideas


RCCO provides research and moodboards, client communicates ideas


RCCO designs initial concepts based on feedback and ideas


Revisions and sign off for the final output


Packaging of assets and guidelines

Why use RCCO for Identity?

  • It is important to get your identity correct and consistent across the business.
  • We have an in-house creative team, which means that multiple designers will collaborate to make the best project ideas for you.
  • We understand the needs of a business and so will equip you with the resources and guides to ensure employees can easily find what they need, driving efficiency.

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