Why your sales and marketing doesn’t work…

By Jordan Richards
18th December 2018
2 min read
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After many years of building sales and marketing materials, we have found there is one key factor which limits any sales pitch and marketing message from working.

You need to solve a problem.

Think about it. If you have a problem, then you need a solution! If we put this in the context of someone with a bad back, they have such a bad back that they struggle to lay in bed comfortably. If you have the solution, potentially a therapy to relieve that person’s bad back, you now have leverage.

Leverage gives you power.

If you truly are solving a problem you can leverage a lot more selling power. It enables you to land deals easier, potentially you can increase your prices, and you become more desirable. You never should be forcing people to purchase, people should be deciding in their minds that they want you. The result is that they are happy with their decision, and they are probably more likely to buy from you again.

Frame the solution correctly.

Now it is great if you have a solution to something, maybe it’s that you help recruit the best CEO’s in London, perhaps you are a specialist that can setup automated systems. Now it is time to frame your solution. Sometimes it is easy to get carried away with ‘feature-selling’, where you might say, “if you buy from us you get this and you get this too, oh and this!”, don’t forget the problem you are solving.

How would they feel without your solution.

Focus on framing it in the consumer’s shoes, if they don’t use your back therapy, what pain and discomfort will that cause them? If they don’t use your recruitment services, what does that look like for the future of their business? If they don’t use your automated systems, how much extra manual work are they going to have to do?

Now create some urgency.

It’s time for the big finish! Make sure you build urgency, so the consumer can understand that if they don’t use the solution now, they are potentially delaying a brilliant outcome. They might have to deal with pain for longer, they might be losing potential revenue, they might be wasting precious time. Make sure you build solutions to problems, and selling will become easy.

How do I know this will work?

At RCCO we specialise in helping businesses such as Google, YouTube and King, to communicate their solutions, through creative sales and marketing. If you would like help creating desirable solutions, please get in touch today! You might already be making sales, but you could be making more, in a scalable way and at a higher profit. Creative marketing and sales tools enable you to clearly communicate your message of value, in turn generating leads at scale and helping you land high-profit sales.

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