What is design thinking?

By Jordan Richards
20th November 2018
2 min read
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We interviewed one of our clients at Google, Carla Lindarte, a creative specialist. She helped answer a top question in technology companies today… What is design thinking? 

“Put the user at the center of everything you do.”

Companies such as Google, Netflix and Uber have been putting users at the heart of their business since day one. How did that reflect? They are all very successful businesses and have huge user bases. It is important that you don’t create solutions to what you think people might want, but you create solutions that people need. Design everything based on creating the best user experience so people love and need your brand.

“User experience should be the core of your proposition.”

When you start putting users first in the business equation, it helps you focus on building the most important thing – your product or service. If you can nail this, then the rest of business becomes much easier.

“Design thinking helps tech companies build empathy between people and what they are actually designing for. Tech was really complex and built by highly intelligent people, but they were the only people who understood how it worked. So you really need to think about who your users are.”

Sometimes it can be really difficult for users to understand what is going on behind the scenes (and they don’t necessarily need to). But you have to bridge the gap between what you are building and how people use it. The best way to do this is (you guessed it)… design thinking! Design a product or service that is for users, treat it like an experience and make it as simple and friendly as possible.

“Design thinking is a solution that is highly desired by customers, viable from a business perspective and feasible from a technical perspective.”

So how do you put it in action? Carla suggests using three areas for design thinking, make sure your work is: desirable, viable and feasible. If you cross-check your product or service with these areas then you are good to go. Just make sure you put the user at the heart of everything you are doing!

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