How to use creativity to get more sales and success

By Jordan Richards
12th November 2018
2 min read
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Creativity drives sales is our motto and we believe you should use creativity in your sales and marketing. You may have worked really hard building valuable products and services, but not everyone will realise the full potential straight away. The following content has been built with learnings from working with successful market leaders such as Google, King and more!

Reason 1: Simplify what you are selling.

Everybody’s an expert in their field of business, but knowing your stuff sometimes leads to over-complicating things. When you are trying to explain your service or product, take a step back and use creativity to simplify what you are selling. The best way to do this is to see what the most concise way of explaining your product is, you can use stories (StorySelling) to help people understand quicker.

Reason 2: Address a larger audience.

“65 Percent of the population are visual learners”, says Pearson Education. To get the best results you need to be speaking to people in different ways, one very important factor is communicating through design. The more ways you can succinctly explain your unique proposition, the higher chance someone has of purchasing from you.

Reason 3: Build trust and confidence in your solution.

Many calculations happen in your mind before you purchase something. So it is crucial to ensure that there aren’t any gaps for hesitation or someone to doubt what you are selling. If you are embarrassed about the quality of your sales and marketing, then it probably needs some creative love! A McKinsey report states “Creativity is associated with superior performance”.

Reason 4: Increase the value of your product or service.

I’m going to use an example to explain this point. If you are going to buy an expensive watch, but the person was selling it from a shop that is falling down and they are dressed in worn-out sports clothes, would you spend that money? The same applies to your product or service, make sure that your sales and marketing gets across the premium of what you are selling and doesn’t detriment the quality and value.

Step 5: Be competitive in a cluttered marketplace.

The final point is something that everyone has to deal with… competition. One reason that everyone should invest in creativity, is so that they can stand in front of the competition. Even if you believe you are already making enough sales, why wouldn’t you want more? Potentially you can even increase your prices too, by communicating a message of quality. All in all, regardless of if you are successful or struggling, creativity is key to unlocking even more potential sales and success. If you would like to hear how this could work for your business, book a free consultancy. We can help you build creative presentations, videos and websites.

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