How creative inspiration enhances your workflow

By Jordan Richards
10th December 2018
3 min read
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We believe that whether you are a business owner, marketer or salesperson, creative inspiration can help save you time, accelerate your ideas and help to develop a competitive advantage.

When searching for inspiration a lot of people go to wider reaching places to do the research. For example, people may go to Flickr or Pinterest. Sometimes you can find just what you need on these sites but personally, I feel like the key to finding great sources of inspiration especially at speed is by looking through the more professional platforms. For example, if you are looking to design a new app and you’re not too sure what style that you would like to get started with, then it would be great to look at platforms which specialise in UX and UI design inspiration, rather than having to sift through tonnes of irrelevant design.

Find good inspiration

An excellent example for a website which offers incredible UI inspiration would be Dribbble. Also like many other inspiration platforms, Dribbble allows for creativity to be grouped together so that once you find one thing that you like it is very easy to find work which is in a similar style, saving you heaps of time. Although Instagram can sometimes be a good source for ‘trendy’ stuff I personally feel that despite its accessibility, it’s more efficient to look through professional directories particularly when searching for graphic design. In addition to Dribbble, Behance is an excellent place to find inspiration as it’s where the majority of creative professionals will publish their projects, the only downside being that it can sometimes be difficult to search through Behance.

Open your mind to what is out there

The reason why it is so important to find inspiration before going ahead with a creative project is, first, that it opens to your mind to what is out there, which you may think you have a good idea of but everybody can always learn new things. Also, the design world is forever evolving so you can never be too sure what new thing you’re going to face. As an entrepreneur you’d be surprised how often a creative style is linked to a certain kind of market and searching for design inspiration can sometimes lead you to notice new competitors and will help you analyse what it is that makes their (or your) company more successful.

Use trends to gain traction

Secondly, if you notice a new trend rising which could fall in line with your company’s branding, using it will give you the competitive edge and make you really stand out as a player in your market. Be mindful that some ideas have almost become ‘perfected’ or have already entirely been embodied by a brand. For example, if you want a clearly identifiable brand you wouldn’t want to utilise a standalone ‘G’ as this is part of Google’s branding. ‘Gtech’ a vacuum manufacturer have decided to embrace the G and despite being in a different sector I personally feel that this confuses their brand image and probably results in fewer sales than possible. 

Empower your creative team

Thirdly and most importantly, once you’ve discovered some sources of inspiration you can then give this to your creative team which they can translate into something fresh and original that is tailored towards your company. If you really do like something but fear that it may step on the toes of another brand too much, give it to your creatives – they may have some similar ideas! With the sources of inspiration you give your team they’ll be able to create better work for you which will be more inline with what you desire. Not only this but they are also creating the work in a much more timely manner. This will save you money and make it easier to direct your projects, resulting in saved time for you which you can better spend on other business challenges.

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