It all began in a place called Google.

Our founder, Jordan Richards, worked as the creative lead. His job was to equip the sales team of 60 with high impact marketing tools. From websites to presentations, videos and everything in-between. Tools that drove revenue. Tools that were creative.

We learned from the best.

Working here led to the discovery of creativity for business. There was a need for creative minds that can build brilliant B2B sales and marketing materials. A desire for creatives that can simplify the sales lingo, make presentations more exciting and bring creative juice to the boring and usual.

We got working.

After three years of in-house experience, our founder left to start RCCO. Our very first few months were spent working with ten different teams across Google. We created best-in-class sales and marketing tools for new products and client pitches. But we didn’t stop there, it was time to spread our forces further and open services to other technology businesses.

We got our first fifty clients.

Just a year in, we had worked with over 50 different clients from across the advertising, technology and marketing industry. This gave us the chance to really test what works. The right level of playfulness vs corporate. The right tone of voice, colour, brand style for projects. We were growing too, five in-house and five part-time, working across various creative, code and content roles.

We hired more creative talent.

To keep our creative roots alive we need to keep pushing boundaries. That’s why we hired Tom, our Head of Video, who’s won 8 dolphins, and the Grand Prix at Cannes. We also hired Josh, our Head of Digital, who had previously worked with Google, Tesla and Vodafone and Rachel our expert Creative Project Manager.

Send the rocket into space.

That sums us up to date. But our next goal is to find more creative partners. We are looking to work with brands that value working closely with a creative team. Brands that are willing to push their sales and marketing to the next-level. Sound exciting to you?