5 Ways to build a killer sales presentation

By Jordan Richards
4th November 2018
2 min read
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Do you present to clients, maybe at big events or with important pitches? After 3 years at Google – Jordan Richards, our CEO, talks about the best ways to get people interested, and how to land your big presentations!

Step 1: Build an emotional connection.

Let’s kick off with the most important principle of selling, which underpins all of the tips we have put together; emotional connection. If you want to use one skill to make more sales, it’s emotion. Find out what your customer’s problems are, and then use this to form the base of all your sales materials. If your product or service solves a problem then it gives you power, that person or business now needs you.

Step 2: Solve the problem with a tailored solution.

Next is creating a solution to the problem – sounds simple right? But one thing to consider here is to ensure you are building a solution and not just “feature selling”. Feature selling often consists of presentations full of lists of features and functionality, rather than a nicely packaged solution. The key to a solution is to enable the customer to feel what they will (or not) have if they bought from you.

Step 3: Tell a story with Story-selling.

Following on, the best way to communicate a solution is to gain a strong emotional connection through “Story-selling”. This is where you build the pitch from a consumer perspective, it could be “a day in the life of…” or a customer journey. This is where you show the client how your product or service plays out in the real world. For example, if you are selling some accounting software – your Story-selling might show how an accountant could use the software throughout their day and how it makes their life better!

Step 4: Gain trust by proving you are an expert.

By this point, your customer is excited and connected with your pitch. It is time to bring proof that you are the expert in delivering your solution, and this will really help you if you face strong competition. Use case studies, client stories and interesting examples to prove that you are experienced in your field and a trustworthy partner to deliver your product or service.

Step 5: Kill the word count with creativity.

Now is something that I am very passionate about; bringing creativity to sales. Once you have nailed the points above, use creative flair to seal the deal and add a competitive advantage. Utilise imagery, iconography and design to simplify your slides, stopping people from reading the content before you talk about it and adding context to your narrative. Use hierarchy to highlight important information – bringing items out in bold style and colour.


If you follow these steps, I have no doubt you will have a killer sales presentation. Now you just have to go and deliver it! If you would like more information on how to build better slides, read more here. Also please get in touch if you would like a free presentation consultation.

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